3% of Canada's workforce is in the ICT field.

For many, the ICT skills crunch is an obstacle to growth. Download our Infographic Toolkit for a full view of the issue and the resources available to overcome them.

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Create a Unique Selling Proposition for Your Global Market

Canadian tech companies are well-positioned for global growth.
Take your business to the next level; learn how to promote your competitive advantage to stand out from the pack and increase sales.

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Canada has a rich history of supplying innovative technologies to global customers—and we have been facilitating those deals since Day 1.

Today, Canadian ICT businesses like yours are in a more advantageous position than ever. Your expertise in innovation provides a competitive advantage to supply the products and services that are in increasing global demand. We have a long track record helping businesses meet those demands, offering solutions to help cover losses if your customer doesn’t pay and providing the financing you need to secure and fulfill contracts.

Learn how to position your business to sell more.
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A growing demand for Professional Services matched by growing support from EDC.

Canada’s service exports grew from 12 to 15.3 per cent between 2000 and 2015, with Professional Services offering the most potential for future growth. Unbeatable expertise in areas such as finance, mining, water-management, the environment, consulting, and more, provide Canadian companies with powerful competitive advantages. And, seeing global growth potential, Professional Services businesses are leveraging our solutions and resources to grow their sales, now representing more than 25 per cent of our ICT customers.

Your business has the most to offer; be sure potential customers know it.
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Resources built for ICT sector needs.

Canada’s leading ICT export strengths include R&D, the manufacture of high-end products, digital media and entertainment production, enterprise software and network infrastructure, among others. We have gathered resources relating to these markets, with industry and economic forecasts, expert commentary, and insights from successful exporters. Take advantage of the curated content — and be sure to visit often, as we update resources regularly.

Access our ICT sector resources.
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Demand for your products and services is growing, and you have the competitive advantages needed to win those contracts. We can help you position your company for global success with our suite of financial solutions and industry expertise.

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