Outlook for Global Food Demand: A Growing Appetite

Discover the growing revenue potential for Canada’s agri-food companies in global markets.

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Food and beverage processors are taking advantage of opportunities beyond the Canadian border

With $27.8 billion exported in 2014, global food and beverage demand represents a massive potential revenue stream. In a market where retail sector consolidation has put downward pressure on prices, selling internationally will allow Canadian food and beverage processors to grow their profitability.

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Canadian fish and seafood exporters will profit from growing international demand

By 2030, an additional 40 million tons of fish and seafood will be needed just to satisfy current per capita consumption. And demand won’t stop there, as consumers continue to choose nutrient-rich, healthy sources of protein. With the world’s longest coastline, largest freshwater system, and reputation for high-quality fish and seafood products, Canada is ready to take advantage of trade agreements like CETA to dive deeper into the market.

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Global market for organic food to grow more than 16% from its current $4.7 billion/year by 2020

Experiencing spectacular rates of annual growth, the organic food market represents a ripe opportunity for Canadian food exporters. The large and varied land base and cooler climate make Canada an ideal production ground for organic food, and its reputation for clean, quality foods make Canadian businesses well suited to service demand for natural, healthy and organic foods.

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Middle class populations in international markets will become top consumers of meat products by 2030

With $8.3 billion in Canadian animal products being exported in 2013, the growth in international demand represents tremendous opportunity for meat processors to establish their international presence. Establishing a presence now by taking advantage of Canada’s reputation for high quality goods will leave meat processors well positioned for future profit.

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